The Passion & Purpose of CCR & Front Porch Ministry

By Tom Albrecht

Simply put, we want to fulfill the mission and vision God gave to Christ's Church of the Rockies: while we are a church, we must be the church in action.

In 2014, I shared the vision for CCR and the Front Porch Outreach. In that vision-casting service, the Spirit of the Lord confirmed in the hearts of the congregation the need to see God's provision so we could have a permanent presence in the area south of 1st street in Loveland, CO..

We knew we needed to have facilities that would not only help us serve the present need for the homeless, but also find a way to house and employ those who are moving toward independent living. We saw an abandoned motel, and we began to imagine what we could do with that property if it was renovated and managed for helping the homeless have shelter.

As a church, we began dreaming of a day when we could see our homeless guests get free of addictions and be healed from the trauma of their past. Many factors contribute to the brokenness we all have experienced. It's not enough to acknowledge the failures, pain and hangups of this segment of our community. We can fall into the paralysis of analysis, but we can make a difference for many who would step out of hopelessness if we help them see what their future could be.

Over the years, we've tried to answer the issues of poverty, crime and violence through social programs. Some programs worked, but many failed to answer to the deeper issues of human need.

The Bible actually states that prosperity is an issue of the heart and mind. 

How one thinks about life, disappointments, personal tragedies and prospects for success can determine whether one rises from the ashes to try again or falls down in exhaustion.

Jesus saw the multitudes as "sheep without a shepherd"  - having no one to lead, feed, and protect them. They became victims of hungry wolves relentlessly pursuing them, killing, stealing and destroying any hope for a future.

I believe that God wants every person to find their eternal esteem and value as He created them to be. Jesus reminded His followers, "the poor you will always have with you," and He also said the Gospel is declared to the poor. Good news, the gospel, that is preached to the poor means there is a way out of poverty and scarcity. The answer is not money, the answer is a renewed heart and mind invading the darkness of the mind and emotions and will.

Every invention, every helpful product, every scientific discovery that has provided for the health and welfare of humanity came from an idea inspired by desire to help meet a need. God's desire for mankind is detailed in a passage from the book of Isaiah chapter 65 revealing the nature of His kingdom plan for every human being. Here's the master plan (v. 17 thru 25): 

  • Joy and gladness and public celebrations
  • Healing and health care for young and old, no babies dying premature deaths
  • Housing for all
  • Food for all, hunger wiped out
  • Families flourishing; healthy relationships between parents and children, husbands and wives happily married, financially prosperous
  • Absence of violence
  • Meaningful work for every one

I believe this environment can be possible if we as Christians step up and take our place of responsibility God has both commissioned and enabled us to do. 

I am seeking partners who will help us acquire property through giving, praying and volunteering with CCR.

Please contact us if you are interested in working with us in this great opportunity. 

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