Front Porch Ministry

We serve meals to the homeless on M-F weekly from 11am-1:00pm. Every Tuesday we have a sidewalk BBQ from 11am-1:00pm followed by Ten Man Table bible study from 1:00pm-2:00pm. When weather is below 20 degrees F, we also serve as an emergency shelter. We work with the city of Loveland and arm-in-arm with other Christian ministries serving the homeless in the Loveland area.


To partner with us by giving financially, please give here.

To partner with us in volunteering to serve the homeless or provide food, please contact:

Tom Albrecht at or (970) 397-6035


We believe we can raise the standard of living for our citizens in the downtown and surrounding areas with the Vision 2016 and beyond. The congregation of Christ's Church of the Rockies along with many other churches in the community desire to build up and bless the city of Loveland and its future dreams and desires.

At this time our vision is larger than the financial resources that are available to see this vision become a reality. We are not asking the city to finance any of these projects, but we ask for your consideration in giving and prayer for favor extended to us as we seek to raise awareness and funding for this vision. 

Vision 2016 and beyond: Loving and serving our city
Our vision for CCR and the Front Porch Ministry to the homeless: 

To acquire additional space for our worship center and launch point for ongoing service to our community. 

  • The heart of service to our community is born of the teaching of Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount.
  • Serving the poor, hungry and homeless by providing food and shelter.
  • Comforting those who mourn.
  • Providing the ministry of mercy to the troubled and addicted.
  • With a pure and humble heart, desiring to give - not take - from our community.
  • Seeking the peace of the city.
  • Holding fast to the mission of doing good to those in the lowest places of brokenness and poverty.
  • Being light and hope to those who have given up on life and productivity.

As a faith community, we desire to serve the needs and dreams of our city and its citizens: young and old, rich or poor, and those in sickness or in health. 

Our agenda is not political or religious; but an expression of our deeply held beliefs in the desire of God for the great cities of our nation. Loveland is our city as are its citizens regardless of race, color or creed is our focus of service. 

The following is our desire for our city: 

  • A city of joy and celebrations.
  • Health care for young and old.
  • Housing for all.
  • Food for all.
  • Building healthy marriages and families.
  • Children and youth developing life skills and practical education and training for meaningful work.
  • Absence of violence.
  • Meaningful work for everyone.
  • Programs to help care for those with addictions and bring them to freedom.

This is the proposition:

  • Acquire additional space for Christ's Church of the Rockies.
  • Eventually purchase property and buildings north of 137 Lincoln Ave up to First Street.
  • Renovate and restore buildings north of 137 Lincoln for transitional housing for homeless clients willing to partner with renewal and beautification process.
  • Convert a nearby building to a "thrift shop" type of business to train and employ former homeless persons into workforce. 
  • Use a second, larger location as an eventual location for feeding the homeless and as an emergency shelter.
  • Christ's Church of the Rockies would continue to be a resource for pastoral care and life coaching ministry to those who desire.
  • To partner with 137 Homeless Connect and House of Neighborly Service independently.
  • To acquire other properties in the Lincoln Ave and Cleveland Ave area in need of being razed, and or renovated in order to provide additional housing for needy people.
  • To see the areas south of First Street brought to renewal and redevelopment in keeping with the revitalization process of downtown Loveland.
  • The eventual addition of a Youth Center and gymnasium promoting healthy youth programs for kids in the community.