Christ's Church of the Rockies: Our Story

In 2002 Pastor Tom and Wendy had finished an assignment in Missouri, when the Lord impressed them to return to Colorado. They were hoping to find an open door of ministry somewhere in the Front Range of Colorado but there were no churches needing a pastor. Knowing in their hearts that God was reassigning them to the Loveland area, they took jobs and sought the Lord for next steps in the journey of following their call. Around 2am one night, Tom was awakened with a clear call to plant a church in Loveland. 

Tom got up from sleep and began to write what he believes was a God-birthed vision. They were to plant Christ's Church of the Rockies (CCR), a place of "Decision, Discipleship, Discovery and Destiny." They began with a small group of hungry, excited believers in this new venture. The gatherings began in Tom's brother's basement with simple worship and times of prayer and planning. They had their starting place! With God's grace and a handful of wonderful people, they were on their way,

They still are on their way. In 2005, Tom and Wendy's two sons and their families joined them to launch the next phase of CCR's mission, to reach the community where God had planted them.

Front Porch Ministry: Our Story

On a cold November afternoon several young men on CCR's team sat watching the homeless men and women walking on the street in front of their downtown meeting place. They had just remodeled the front entrance of their building to resemble a coffee shop that would serve the Sunday attendants for informal gatherings before services.

As they watched the cold and shivering homeless walk by, they realized God was changing their idea of a Sunday coffee shop for their purposes into a place of greater significance and service. 

They had been praying with the small volunteer staff that God would give them a ministry that would be missed if they weren't there. It suddenly occurred to them that they could more effectively use the front entrance coffee shop as a warming area for those on the streets. They decided to serve dinner for the homeless and the downtown residents on Thanksgiving Day in 2008 and that day 200 people were welcomed and fed. It was awesome! 

The following Monday morning, they opened the Front Porch Ministry, beginning by serving hot coffee and canned soup they heated in the microwave. Soon the numbers of the homeless and hungry began to come and the churches in the city of Loveland began to provide and serve food Monday through Friday.

It was the love and compassion of the Body of Christ in Loveland that has allowed them to serve over 60,000 meals and counting. They soon found the joy of cooperation with long-standing social service ministries such as House of Neighborly Services and 137 Homeless Connect. A beautiful relationship of encouragement and partnership with the Loveland community keeps CCR and its ministry going strong.

"Loveland, Colorado, is a city of love and service and it is our privilege to give our best to bless our city." - Pastor Tom Albrecht

Volunteer leadership teams

At the time of their charter, everyone was volunteer staff, with Tom and Wendy Albrecht as senior pastors. Their worship team and children's ministry staff were all volunteers. In 2005, Tommy and Shelly Albrecht came on as associate pastors. Pastors Dave and Rosanne Sather served with them for a season and eventually became pastors at 23rd Avenue Church in Greeley, Colorado. At present Tom and Wendy serve the role of senior pastors. Jesus and Chris Zubia are ministry coordinators for the ministry of the Front Porch Ministry. There are several small group leaders of women's and men's ministries.

The Ten Man Table Ministries serve on Tuesdays doing an outdoor barbeque for the homeless. Following the barbeque, the Ten Man Table hosts a Bible study for staff and for the homeless. There are a number of men and women who serve Monday through Friday. There are too many to mention here, but without their service, the Front Porch Ministry would not exist. 

Outreach ministries

We also have "Black and Blue" support groups meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm for those recovering from addictions.