The Front Porch Ministry to the Homeless Needs Your Help


It has been eight years since the Front Porch Outreach opened its doors to the hungry, homeless and hurting of our Loveland community. It has been and is our present joy to serve our city and it's homeless population.

We are seeing more and more needy people come into our area and a larger number of homeless families with small children. Thankfully the churches in our city continue to serve with us in providing food and shelter, it is truly amazing to see the unity and compassion here in Loveland.

As the downtown redevelopment is moving forward, we are facing the challenge of finding a permanent facility for our future ministry. We are so grateful for the facilities we presently utilize; our landlords have been so gracious and kind to us. We know for now we are staying the course in our present facility, but we are in need of long-range plans to continue to serve the neediest.

Please pray with us and, if possible, partner with us financially so we may be ready when the time comes to inhabit a more permanent facility. We are so thankful for other agencies that serve as well as us, but we are a church with a larger agenda than serving the immediate need of food, shelter, and care.

We believe that poverty, homelessness, and addictions are all related to the inner condition of the heart. The realities of economic and housing issues make it extremely difficult for some to make the transition out of homelessness and poverty, Our desire is to give hope and healing to the whole man, spirit, soul, and body.

Our guests are precious in God's eyes, and he has put that compassion in the hearts of Christ's Church of the Rockies and many other churches in the city. Just recently again, we have lost some of our homeless community because of health issues and addictions, but we believe in God's goodness through caring people...regardless of faith or religious affiliations.

Doctors, counselors, clergy and many other citizens of Loveland want to see solutions to the challenges of poverty, and we want to do our part.

Remember when you see someone whose lifestyle has left them looking worn and broken, they were once babies and someone said they were beautiful. The good news of Jesus love can and does make a difference.